Counseling & Therapy

Want a private space to hash out the "stuff" getting in the way of living your best life? Let's Talk!

Common life “stuff” may include: anxiety, depression, managing relationships, family conflict, marital discord, parenting support, loss of a loved one, career challenges, or going through transitions!

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker dedicated to helping people better understand and navigate life's journey!

For every problem...there is a solution! In counseling & therapy my goal is to gain a clear understanding of your "stuff" and support you in discovering real life solutions!

Having a dialogue with a therapist provides reassurance that your life story, emotions, and thoughts are held in confidence.

Sessions are provided in-person at Los Angeles office (in the Playa Vista and Culver City area) - or via Video Conferencing.

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Clinical Supervision

Want to take your career and clinical abilities to the next level? In dire need of quality supervision? Let's Talk!

I provide Clinical Supervision to licensed & unlicensed mental health therapists committed to increasing competency and confidence in their skills.

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Instrumental in my growth as a clinician…

“I have worked with Jennifer Ogoke for a little more than 3 years as my direct supervisor. She has been one of the best supervisors I have had and instrumental in my growth as a clinician and as a supervisor. She has an appreciation for diversity, excellent case conceptualization skills and a strengths based approach. Jennifer is professional, personable, genuine and highly organized which makes working with her comfortable and safe for learning. She is a good listener, supportive, flexible and really focuses on helping those that she works with in getting to their next level.”

Exceeded my expectations…

“Jennifer exceeded my expectations as a supervisor. She is knowledgeable, caring, and very supportive in helping me develop as a professional. She shares her own learning experiences to further my growth. She was very good at helping me focus on the here and now and developing coping skills to manage my stress while helping me problem solve. Jennifer cares about me as a person and a professional. She knows how to nurture while helping me becoming an independent professional.”

May Yip, LCSW

Truly cares about your growth…

“Jennifer is knowledgeable, professional, and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As her supervisee I grew in my clinical understanding of assessing cases, developed more efficient clinical language, and gained a more comprehensive understanding of my clinical skills. I also learned how to carry myself as a professional in my field such as how to network with colleagues and describe my skill set to others. Jennifer is a great supervisor who truly cares about your growth and development.”

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Always bring out my strengths…

“She was smart, well organized, and understanding. Jennifer was strengths-based and would always bring out my strengths. She was collaborative. Jennifer would ask me what I thought about situations and what I thought would help. She never made me feel like I didn’t have the skills to be a great therapist. Jennifer is amazing and helped me become the clinician I am today.”

Stacey Smith, LCSW

Excellent example of what a supervisor should be…

“Receiving supervision from Jennifer Ogoke was a great experience. She was very professional, compassionate, and clinical. She was competent and knowledgeable, always sharing her knowledge and experience in a manner that was easy to receive as a supervisor. She showed great compassion toward me as an intern and interacted with me from a non-judgmental standpoint. When I say she was clinical, she spoke in clinical terminology, which was helpful for me because it helped me to further my knowledge. Jennifer is skilled as a clinician and was an excellent example of what a clinician and/or supervisor should be.”

Traevonn Johnson, Associate MFT


Next Steps...

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